Home of Primitive Tibetan Mastiffs ... to us primitive is the natural state.

Adams Ranch at Brushy Creek provides a tranquil, natural environment for our animals. We have owned Tibetan Mastiffs for over 20 years.

Because we live on a ranch and are raising six children, we do not have time to engage in the show ring. Further, we are unwilling to allow our dogs to travel with a handler, as they are an important part of our family. We do, however, when purchasing, ensure that our animals come from reputable breeders who take the health and quality of the Tibetan Mastiff into serious esteem. It just so happens that all of our Tibetan Mastiffs come from world champions.

We chose these breeders for ourselves because of their obvious commitment to the health and integrity of the breed. We do not believe it is necessary to compete in the show ring to prove an animals quality. At Primitive Tibetan Mastiffs, we prove quality by certified health checks, agility on the farm, and, just as importantly, temperament with the many two legged children out and about on this ranch.

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Celine and Wolf, our Tibetan Mastiffs, had a repeat litter of 10 puppies in January 2019! Celine and Wolf have successfully passed their Orthopedic Foundation for Animals health validity! Further, they both come from a long line of champions and together will produce a litter of only COI=8.54%. Click here to read more …

Video of Celine and Wolf’s new litter, at two weeks old. See photos of the puppies at three weeks old. Click here …

We also raise 100% grassfed Lowline cattle and Kathadin sheep.