Our Dogs


Primitive Tibetan Mastiffs include one male and oneĀ female. They live in the house with our family and go on hikes around the farm. Ours don’t have access to the entire farm, because sometimes chicken chasing is just too much fun and they are too courageous and curious to stay home safely. Any puppies are also raised in the home, with hours of socialization, daily and beginning potty training in a real yard. Further, leash training is introduced, as well as nail trimming and ordinary grooming.

All puppies are fully vaccinated, wormed and microchipped before they leave the farm, not before 10 weeks of age. All puppies receive a health guarantee against genetic defects, with a replacement puppy upon veterinary confirmation. All dogs receive a medical stamp of approval before breeding to ensure that no known genetic defects are passed on. They will be AKC registered.

Tibetan Mastiffs are certainly not for everyone. Prospective puppy buyers will be fully screened by this breeder. Some of the things that our dogs do which might be intolerable for some include: excessive barking when they perceive a threat, swallowing hand towels and children’s toys whole, spilling half of the water they take in out of their mouth and challenging us during adolescence.

We handle this by trying our best to keep things out of their reach, mopping twice a day, and using a firm and loving hand during their “teenage” years. We try and ameliorate the “who’s boss” by making sure that our children take turns feeding them and that the people are always elevated (no dogs on furniture, etc.). We do not necessarily stick to this after the boundaries are clearly drawn. What it is that we love the most about our Tibetan Mastiffs is their loyalty, intelligence, elegance and guardian nature. They are beautiful creatures, quite calm, but highly athletic and playful, graceful and regal.