Our Ranch


Day to day at our ranch is largely unpredictable with six children and a host of animals, all with their own unique needs. Horseback riding, swimming, gardening, biking, bonfires and relaxing on our covered deck are favorite pastimes! Most of our free time is spent together at home. We consider it a privilege and an honor to be entrusted with so much beauty and take our “job” very seriously.

We enjoy many activities and creatures in this place we call home, however, it was not without very careful consideration, did we commit to breed. Truthfully we have loved so many animals that to intentionally bring more in when there are hundreds of thousands without homes seemed unconscionable. What we needed for our young family, however, could not be left to chance. We chose to carry on the rare and magnificent Tibetan Mastiff because their temperament and character are unmatched. We needed an animal who was sound, intuitive, playful, loving and a natural guardian for our family and ranch.

In Tibet, one mastiff was used to guard an entire village, animals and people. That sort of intuition cannot be taught. Our male had not been around toddlers when a friend came over with her son. The little guy lost his balance and promptly grabbed onto Wolf’s tail, who very gingerly “walked” him to his mother.

Our TM’s have never jumped on anyone and are generally very respectful of personal space. It is not uncommon to have our three mastiffs with us while we dine. Although their eyes are desiring, they instinctively know not to take anything from our table (at least while anyone is watching). They have consistently proven to be that reliable, intuitive companion we desired for ourselves and our children, with very little training. The above required no training. The only environmental/behavioral experiences we have prescribed for developmental purposes have been strictly for socialization and basic obedience. We love our TM’s!