Hello. I would like to say how happy and thankful our family is for finding the Adams family. I can’t stress how much we love animals and how when we finally met the Adams they cared as much as us. We had recently lost our beloved Lando and the house was torn. Our hearts ached and the house was suddenly quiet. I began researching and doing home work a few weeks after he passed to try and figure out what he was since we adopted him and they never really knew. I came to find out that he was a Tibetan mastiff or at least mixed. So I searched for them and found the Adams. I immediately contacted them. They responded in a very timely manner. Lisa is who I started to talk to. We chatted for a week. I loved the way she got to know me for the week and figuring out what kind of people me and my wife were. Right then and there I knew how much she cared about her dogs. She wanted to make sure that each and every puppy went to the right home and would go on to live the right life. When we got Leo from them he wasn’t your normal TM and she made sure that he was the one I was looking for and boy did she get it right. I know that they are a guardy breed and Leo was not like that as a puppy and in general. The whole time she was making sure he was going to go to the right home. They would rather the puppy stay with them on the ranch and live there then go to the wrong home. I really applaud them for that and the love that they have for their animals. Me and my wife usually always rescued but we went a different route. Our experience with Lisa and here family was nothing short of blessing. I still keep in contact with Lisa regularly and send her pictures of Leonidas. He was a very close puppy to their family and didn’t really want him to go but when we finally met, Lisa knew he was meant to be with us. I just hope that there are more families and breeders out there like the Adams. They really put the time, effort, and love into what they do. I would highly recommend them if you are in the market for looking to purchase a TM.
Sincerely yours,
Kyle and Samantha O’Brien



We purchased our beautiful LuLu last year after loosing our female English Mastiff to PLE. We were unsure about adding a new puppy to our family. Our elderly English Mastiff Trigger was very depressed. We found Walker another puppy online, but spoke with Lisa several times about our worries and fairness to our elderly dog. We also wanted a Tibetan that was not only loving, but protective at our farm. After weeks of communication and Lisa’s guidance we decided to buy Sailor – which we named LuLu. She’s been the smartest dog that we have owned! She picked up from our other dogs how to sit, Shake and go outside within a week! She is exactly what we were looking for in a Tibetan – loving, smart, quiet yet vocal and protective of our home. She’s almost a year old now weighing just over 100 lbs and a full beautiful coat of shiny fur. Lisa made us feel comfortable and secure buying our girl. She’s kept in contact with us this past year checking on our girl. We highly recommend this breeder!
Omega and Kito Kimoto

Choosing Primitive Tibetan Mastiffs as our breeder was the best choice our family could make. We had lengthy conversations about what our family was looking for in a puppy/dog, and Lisa used that information to steer us towards a couple of puppies that she thought fit well with our family. The family accommodated our busy wrestling season schedule and allowed us on more than one occasion to come by and interact with our future family member. We brought home the most beautiful girl of all, Kaia (originally Kaya). She was the most absolute perfect fit, and just what our family needed after losing our senior aged bull mastiff earlier in the year. Kaia and our middle daughter bonded like I never would have thought possible.


After taking Kaia home, Lisa and I continued to text. I would give her updates on Kaia and send pictures of how big she was getting or her latest puppy shenanigans. Lisa would give updates on Kaia’s siblings. She has always been there to answer questions, sometimes even late into the night, when I, as a night shift nurse forget that not everyone is awake. There has never been a time when I have wrote that Lisa didn’t respond.

I waivered in adding this next part, but feel like it just shows how caring of a breeder/ family/ person The Adams are. Our precious Kaia Lu made a really poor life choice and swallowed a small toy whole. She needed emergency surgery and to everyone’s heartbreak she did not survive the recovery. I share this only to say, when I sent Lisa a text letting her know about the surgery and over the next couple of days her condition and ultimate outcome; her family immediately reached out to us. They kept her and our family in their prayers. Actively praying while we were at the veterinarian. They more than once asked what they could do to help us and Kaia. They wanted to be actively involved through the entire ordeal. It was support that was so wanted and needed. Knowing there was someone who loved our girl just as much as we did, who was praying for our Kaia, is still not anything I can put to words on what it has meant to our family.

Since Kaia crossed over the rainbow bridge, Lisa has continued to check on our family, specifically our middle daughter whose heart was crushed. As a family, we had already talked prior to Kaia getting sick that if we ever got another Tibetan, we would want a sibling of Kaia. She was everything we hoped for. She was fluffy, beautiful, a tiny bit spunky, a whole lot of independent thinker/stubborn, so incredibly smart and just the right amount of lazy. She was a huge lapdog to our daughter and a I’m-going-to-chase-you-kind-of-girl to our son. She acted as a pillow for our teenage daughter. She was perfection. Now, after her passing, we anxiously look forward to having a sibling of hers back in our lives. There is no other dog, especially Tibetan Mastiff, in this world that we would choose. There is no other breeder that could compare to the love, friendship and compassion we have received from The Adams. Anyone who is looking and interested in this breed would be blessed to own a puppy from Primitive Tibetan Mastiffs.
Wiley Family


Colonel Teddy Bear

I highly recommend this breeder. These pups are super socialized from birth. They are raised in their home as part of their family. I interviewed many breeders before choosing Lisa. Fancy pedigrees were not important to me, knowing I could trust them with my kids was ! Our Colonel Teddy Bear is just that. He protects our farm, is very tolerant and our kids can love on him all the time!! He is very healthy and has great confirmation. This family raises great pups!!